Graphic Concepts is Your One-Stop Shop For all Your Drafting and Printing Needs.

Full Service Architectural Drafting Services



  • Warehouses

  • Steel (Red Iron) Structures

  • Offices

  • Restaurants

Full Permit Submittal Service

  • We Complete Paperwork

  • Write Checks

  • Order and Pick Up Truss Calculations

  • Check Paperwork & Deliver Plans, Paperwork, Check and Truss Calculations to the City

  • Pick Up Redlines

  • Return Plans for Final Permits

You don’t have to do anything until we call and tell you that your permit is ready for pick up!

Full Printing, Faxing, Emailing Service

  • We Can Print up to E (36″x48″) Black Toner Printing

  • We can Print up to 36″ Wide by 12′ Long Full Photo Quality Color Printing

  • Black and White or Color Scanning up to E (36″ x 48″)(Includes Storage of Scanned Documents)

  • Faxing and/or Emailing of all Preliminary and Final Construction Documents

  • All Final Plans are Electronically Stored as PDF Files